Noiseless operation
Important patented innovations make the PLANUS toilet even quieter than customers have come to expect.
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Grey water transfer unit
Stainless steel units to automatically pump out waste water.
Perfectly sealed to the IP68 standard, for continuous usage.
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Vision and Impact: the first ranges of complete bathroom suites
Complete bathroom suites for the nautical market are now available. Toilet, bidet, wash basins, shower tray and bath tub, all made to the same design.
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  New “Family” switch
A homely design for a greater simplicity and ease of use (in addition to traditional control panels).
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Toilet flush system
Dripping water inlet for toilet flushing: silent, reliable and effective.

Stainless steel one-way valve
The stainless steel valve shutter solves the inevitable problem of tiny deformations present in plastic-moulding components, which can damage its functionality. Plastic components can never be perfectly uniform across various production batches. The stainless steel shutter, on the other hand, ensures a perfectly level, hard-wearing surface.

A bidet for each toilet
Complete range of bidets for the perfect match with all the toilets.
    Rectified bowls for a perfect installation
Planus has introduced a solution to the deformations problem who depends by the ceramic bowl type of production.
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